The CEI C-65 is located in town : Azcuénaga 764 1st floor , off Cordoba Avenue close to the corner of San Luis Street ( about 15 blocks away from the obelisk and 7 blocks away from Plaza Once)

Some Bus lines : 132-109-29-99-95-106-140-111-152-68

5 minutes walk (Facultad de Medicina tube station D line ) and 5 minutes walk (Pasteur Station B line )




A little bit of history

Back in 1979 Eugenia and Patricia  were in charge of the official  admission courses at Profesorado JV González and Lenguas Vivas . An official decree of the defacto government at the time  called  these courses off.Attendees then requested  that they carried on with the classes they were giving at the official institution. The following year the CEI C-65 was born. Unlike many schools  that  offer only  elementary and intermediate levels, we  got started by  helping our advanced level students. Our courses  went off with a bang. Our students soon prompted  us  again to move on to the elementary courses  two years later. We understood this was a challenge : that of teaching English at all levels. So this was the other way round: when most institutions only offer elementary or intermediate levels, we had been asked by our students to complete  the advanced courses we had been giving at the official institution,  Although we had  begun  by teaching  high level courses ,our students  recommended us and we organized courses for those who  wanted  to learn the language from scratch. Next, We set up house at Azcuénaga 764 º1st floor  where we have been teaching ever since. In 1993 we were proud to be recognized as an official institution by the Ministry of Education of the local City Council. In 1996  The Council for the Teaching of Foreign languages of New York University sent us  the first intern  to work at our institute and  since then  our mutual contact has been  extremely fruitful  for both teachers and students.  Ever since we have been expanding.Since we launched our Distancing Programs in 2000 more than 500 students  from all parts of  Argentina have been working on them



Though a small place, CEI C-65  is a cosy old house ( it was built when Sarmiento died, back in 1888)  with six rooms and an audio lab, specially designed for  listening comprehension activities  which enhance  the learning process. We also boast a vast video library  to support  our teaching and recreation activities We are already working on a new institute  located in Belgrano, three blocks off  Cabildo Avenue.  However, we want to be very careful about  expanding , as our craft work  and its quality must be preserved . We will be informing you about this new place shortly. 

To mark the CEI C-65 30th anniversary ,Teachers, students and all our friends met  at the theatre, where a group of enthusiastic students, as they do every year under Alfred Hopkins supervision,  got up a play  that all attendees thoroughly enjoyed. We want to share this unforgetful experience with you See photos.

Students 'Play

CEI C-65's purpose

Our ethos consists in combining the best of  tradition with the daunting spirit of the new. Teachers of the past are frequently said to have been more demanding than present ones At the CEI C-65 , the old and the new can coexist  and it is the teachers duty  to keep up levels of excellence  so that trainees can make the most of their learning experience. Unlike other institutes current trends,  At the CEI C-65 our experienced  teachers are careful  not to lower levels of demand, which makes the CEI C-65 a very attractive option  . A comprehensive curricula  equip trainees with the necessary academic as well as professional goals. Students must engage in true commitment free from the obstacles of traditional methods of teaching that have prevented many students from communicating fluently.
Learning English has frequently been difficult for some students. Well, this needn t be so. At the CEI C-65 we personalize our teaching to truly meet their demands, rather than otherwise.





  • We offer a highly personalized approach: We limit courses to eight-nine students per group and there are classes with three or four students only.
  • Monthly evaluations and native speakers Interviews
  • We do not teach to read and write and forget about speaking, nor do we Teach to speak and forget about writing: Learning a Language  is  a four-skill  process.
  • You can make up for a class you  have missed  by attending  other classes.
  • You needn't contact any other institution if you wish to pursue further studies.At the CEI C-65 we forge vocations.You may start  by attending regular general L classes and then  focus on language oriented career courses.
  • Unique Discount plans

  • Courses you can do at CEI C-65 at career level.

  • Teachers Training.
  • Interpreting (consecutive or consecutive simultaneous)


    Value added  classes

      Very small groups   ( 9 is  a crowd.)
      Highly qualified  native and non native teachers
      Very flexible times.
        Support classes
        Oral interviews with natives
        Career Job oriented learning
        Committed teaching strategies

      The Language Lab 

      Language labs, very popular some decades ago, were later abandoned because they  broke down very often and maintenance was costly. However, they are a very efficient tool for ear training  and self correction   which is essential to learning  When properly used, they are an invaluable asset in interaction At the CEI C-65 we have an 8 booth lab which is absolutely necessary for consecutive and simultaneous  interpreters to be.



      Our Coaches and Team leaders

      The concept of COACH is associated with the follow up of the student's process.This means the teachers job is not limited to giving a class but accompanying the students along the path and supervising his learning until the goal is reached.
      The courses are run by   teachers with an official degree from  Argentine Universities  such as Instituto Profesorado Joaquín V. González , Instituto en Lenguas Vivas Fernández  , Instituto Profesorado Técnico among others.  as well as by native speakers  with  a major in teaching  English as a Foreign Language from either American or British universities.

      Some of the big shots are :


      Alfred Seymour Hopkins, born in Los Angeles,California, reCEI C-65ved his B.A. in journalism and social science, University of California at Berkeley. As a free lance writer, Mr. Hopkins has travelled extensively around Latin America. In Buenos Aires he taught diction and theater for many years at Lenguas Vivas TERTIARY OFFICIAL SCHOOL and has presented numerous workshops on applied drama, story telling and journalism at numerous English congresses. Aside from his journalistic writing, he has published two books of short shories, one in English ("Tea for Two, a Tale for you" and one in Spanish ("Abriendo puertas y cerrando ventanas"). He edits a web magazine called Jaquematepress He has taught and codirected advanced courses at the CEI C-65 for 15 years now
      He has inspired CEI C-65 ´s trainees to take part in drama and though frazzled with exhaustion, they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot of English in the process.
      He has also been a British Council´s examiner member




      Eugenia has always been an inspirational patron . She graduated  in teaching from Joaquín V González School  and  later on obtained  her degree in Public Translation from UBA university. She taught English at the CEI C-65 for twenty years and today still guides us with her example .


      Patricia graduated in teaching from Instituto Profesorado Joaquín V. Gonzalez and later pursued post graduate studies at the same institution. In 1993 she majored in Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting from Instituto Superior en Lenguas Vivas  and  has worked in congresses held in Buenos Aires and abroad ever since. She  was head of the English Department at Colegio Nacional de Villa Ballester for six years and taught at  Carlos Pellegrini  School in Buenos Aires.  She has specialized in Foundation Courses  for students who must prepare to enter tertiary colleges  and university courses in Argentina She taught Language III  at  Joaquin V Gonzalez Teachers Training College  , where she did postgraduate studies Since 1983 she has been active in the field of teaching  as head of the English Studies Center




      In 1993  CEI C-65 was recognized by the authorities of the Ministry of Education of our City Council ( Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires) through  D.G.E.G.P. ( Dirección General de Educación de Gestión Privada ) which validated all  our post graduate courses and seminars  for teachers  and translators working as teachers who held an Official degree. The CEI C-65 became CEI C-65 Instituto Privado de Perfeccionamiento Docente  ( Private Teachers Training Institute )  


    Centro de Estudios Ingleses C-65     Azcuenaga 764  1º   (011)  4962-5409/4964-2419